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Habitat Restoration and Re-vegetation

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Much of our bushland areas have been impacted by a range of issues that can threaten the integrity of those areas. This include weed infestation, feral and pest animals, plant diseases, erosion and fire to name but a few.
Whether you just want to enhance the values on your property or you have to restore an area as part of the development process, we can provide plans to help and the labour to implement them to any level you require.
We specialise in restoring habitat values for rare or endangered animals such as Western Ringtail Possums and Black Cockatoo species.
Our staff are licenced by the WA Health Department for pest management and control and while there are many licenced pest operators available, most of our clients feel more secure in having trained ecologists conduct their weed and pest control task. This ensures we understand that prudent use of chemicals and other techniques are needed to restore the ecological values that may be lost. It is vital that any control methods used do not cause more damage to these critical elements.