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Mosquito Surveys, Planning, Management & Control

Mosquitos are an important group of insects that cause nuisance and can transmit disease to humans and other warm blooded animals in Australia. WA is a very large state with a variety of climatic conditions ranging from temperate to tropical, monsoonal to arid conditions. Each of these climatic regions have characteristic mosquito faunas, which can overlap in species distribution and occurrences.
Most pest mosquito breed in a wider variety of natural (and human made) conditions and cause pest and nuisance problems where people either live too close to these situation or visit them for work or recreational purposes.
We have been trained by Heath WA (the WA State Government agency) on mosquito survey and trapping methods, identification procedures and management options to effectively design and implement mosquito management plans throughout the state.
Our pest control licences give us the ability to also control mosquito pests and take full control of our management plans, should our clients wish us to do so.