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Hello and welcome to the Ecosystem Solutions blog.

As you can probably tell, this is the first post I have made and I thought I would do a brief introduction and tell you my expectations from this blog.

My name is Gary McMahon and I started Ecosystem Solutions in August 2005 (yep, the 10 year anniversary is just around the corner!). Prior to that I worked in numerous nature conservation positions with the then Department of Conservation and Land Management (now the Dept. of Parks & Wildlife).

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Murdoch University and a Masters Degree in Environmental Management from the University of New England in NSW.  I was studying for a doctorate in vegetation management and ecology at the University of Western Australia, but had to pay the bills instead of completing that. I am currently completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Bushfire Planning and Management from the University of Western Sydney and hopefully will have that finished sometime in 2016.

I’m a volunteer with the Dunsborough Fire and Rescue Brigade (I wasn’t quick enough to hide last year and have been the Secretary and Treasurer since!!!!), so have first hand knowledge in fire suppression and planning. This makes bushfire planning and management far more relevant. In my time with CALM, I was involved in numerous fire based activities and training, so have around 20 years’ experience in fire based issues.

One thing I have noticed is having skills in fire management and planning and having an ecological background, provides a really interesting perspective on fire management planning, hence my current studies.

I started this blog because I saw a need for easy to access information on the range of things I’m involved in. I get a lot of similar questions from clients on bushfire planning, ecological issues (particularly on Western Ringtail Possums) and broader environmental and ecological problems that are relevant to Western Australia.  There are a number of excellent blogs on ecology and environmental science written by key researchers and academics that focus on new research and findings in their fields for example:

These blogs are wonderful tools that explain research findings and opinions in an easy to understand way.

I’m certainly no researcher and don’t want to replicate these blogs, but want to provide useful and practical information that people can understand and action, as well as stuff I find interesting, challenging or though provoking. I hope to present practical on-ground solutions that I have encountered and that that my clients have faced.

These include things like looking at the planning system in WA, the environmental approvals process, fire management requirements, mosquito management and ecological information on our important rare and endangered animals and plants, among others. I hope to put together some interviews with key players so you can listen to them as well as read them. Over time, I might even be able to put together some video content that explains things in more details.

Initially I hope to put a post every two weeks, and we’ll see how that progresses over time.

I’m happy to hear your comments, feedback or suggestions on what information would be useful as well as which ways you prefer to receive it (podcast, video, blog post, etc.). You can leave comments here on the blog or via Facebook, as I’ll link all my posts to the Ecosystem Solutions Facebook page as many of you have mentioned you prefer that medium (don’t forget to like it if you want to know when I post here). Thanks for reading so far and I’ll be back soon with another post,

Cheers  Gary.

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  • Braden Bills

    April 28, 2016, 9:03 pm

    I think it’s so great to see that there are still people who care about the environment. It’s the kind of thing that can make the future so much better for everyone! Not to mention if we ruin the environment, it’s going to be hard to fix it up again in the future. Thanks for sharing!

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