November 2019 Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and a lot has happened in the office. Spring hit us early with a lot of flora and fauna surveys keeping us busy. Danae is on maternity leave and Stevie May joined the world in early August. She’ll be back towards the end of the year.We have Lorraine Duffy working with us while shes away. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts and has 15 years of experience in environmental monitoring and survey. Shes learning about Bushfire protection as we go, but I’ve found those with a background in biology or ecology understand the vegetation dynamics and fuel component of fire management and she a quick learner. Shes fit in so well with the team, ill try to keep her on and send her on the Level 1 course early 2020. I’ve been to a bushfire and building conference in the Blue Mountains (ill post a review soon) and we’ve also been nominated for a few awards. Ill post about them in another post soon.
Finally, keep the people of NSW and Qld and the firefighters working on them in your thoughts, tough times ahead for those communities.Ill be back soon with more.cheers

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