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Ecological Survey, Mapping and Planning

karri forest
We can conduct a survey of your property or site to determine if there are any rare or endangered plants, animals or ecological communities within it. If your site is in an area where these are anticipated, a condition of your development is likely to be imposed for you to determine if there are any on your site and if so, where they are. We conduct surveys that comply with State and Federal legislation requirements (Level 1 and Level 2 surveys for both flora and fauna).
We can then help you integrate this information into your development or project to meet any conditions imposed and ensure your site has minimal impact on the natural values it may contain. We have particular expertise in surveys and management plans for Western Ringtail Possums and all three species of Black Cockatoos within the South West of Western Australia.
Your project may require a Pest and/or Weed Management Plan is prepared prior to you receiving final approval. This is particularly the case in Western Australia if you are seeking a subdivision by utilising a conservation covenant over areas of bushland on your site.
We can prepare Pest and Weed Management plans that will meet all the requirements of your covenanting agency or just provide you with an overview of the issues you have and a works plan on how you can improve the natural values of your property.
If your project site includes areas of bushland, often you will be required to determine the type of bushland it is and how much of that type of bushland is left. We can survey your site and identify and map the vegetation communities within it, determine their rarity or how common they area, and provide an assessment on the overall condition of that area of bushland.
Avoiding or minimising the impact on the higher quality and/or rarer vegetation types can not only mean that your project is protecting the most important areas for you and future generations, it is also likely to enhance your projects success with both regulators and the market.
Determining the values within your bushland, waterway or landscape can open opportunities for you to preserve plants animals and landscapes for you and future generations. It also allows you to consider longer term management options such as conservation agreements, and covenants.
In some shires it may even allow you to subdivide your land into smaller lots, obtain some rate relief, or just give you the satisfaction of knowing that your management will protect and enhance biodiversity for you and your grandchildren.