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Fire Risk Assessment and Planning

bushfire urban area
Fire is a dynamic and frequent part of our landscape. Areas of WA are some of the most fire prone areas world. Understanding the levels of risks and how these risk can be avoided or minimised is vital for us to safely live within our regional and rural areas.
All developments need to ensure that the risk to landowners within it are minimised and that firefighters have the best opportunity to suppress any fires that may occur. While some fire events cannot be predicted, they can be planned for to minimise or reduce risk for all concerned.
Skilled and experienced personnel can conduct a review of your site and assess the bushfire risks and hazards. We can assess the BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) of your new house and help clarify the construction standards needed for the hazard. We can then help you establish long-term bushfire protection measures for your property or development.
We can prepare a Fire Management Plan that meets the requirements of the Planning for Bushfire Protection Guidelines that the Department of Fire and Emergency Services will require as well as complying with any local government regulations for your development.
Many local governments have designated Bushfire Hazard Risk areas within their planning schemes. If they do, we can provide advice on what that actually means in real words, if they don’t, we can provide guidance and classification of the bushfire risk on your site.
We have many years of experience and knowledge of both the State agency requirements and local government issues related to fire management. We can help you understand the regulation process and bushfire requirements that your building or development need to meet those regulations and minimise your risk to bushfire events. We can act as a facilitator between you and the regulators, helping you understand what is required and what the regulations actually mean for you and your development.
We can visit your site and provide on-site advice and information on how to minimise your risk to bushfire events, how to implement your plan and how to plan and prepare for bushfire in your property.